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Ami Sands Brodoff is an award-winning novelist, short story author, essayist, and reviewer. She is also an experienced mentor, creative writing teacher, and public speaker. Ami is a participating author in the Writers-In-Cegeps Program and the Writers-In-The-Schools Program in Quebec.

Her latest novel, In Many Waters, is now available. Learn more about this book and Ami’s prior work, The White Space Between, Winner of The Canadian Jewish Book Award for Fiction, Bloodknots, her volume of thematically-linked stories, and her debut novel, Can You See Me? Check out reviewers and readers comments on all of these books here.

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The White Space Between

Winner of the Canadian Jewish Book Award for Fiction. A family’s story of the Holocaust lies buried in the soil of a graveyard in Prague, in the old neighborhoods of Montreal, and in the memory of Jana—a woman finally asked to bear witness.


Ferocious and powerful stories about family, about the ties that bind people together and the ones that unravel without warning.

Can You See Me?

What happens when the person you love best falls prey to schizophrenia? A powerful psychodrama portraying schizophrenia from the inside-out.


From the award-winning author of
The White Space Between
advance notice of an extraordinary new novel...

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