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Ami Sands Brodoff is the award-winning author of three novels and two volumes of stories. The Sleep of Apples, her new linked story collection centres on nine closely-linked characters who confront crises related to mental illness, mortality, and gender identity. Ami’s novel, In Many Waters, focuses on three orphans whose lives intersect on the island of Malta, and grapples with our current refugee crisis. The White Space Between won The Canadian Jewish Book Award for Fiction (The Vine Award), and is the story of a mother and daughter struggling with the impact of the Holocaust. Bloodknots, a volume of thematically linked stories about marginalized families on the edge, dramatizes the threads that bind people together and the ones that unravel without warning. Bloodknots was a finalist for The Re-Lit Award. Her debut novel, Can You See Me? penetrates into both the point-of-view of a young man with schizophrenia and the sister who struggles to help him. The novel was nominated for The Pushcart Prize and is a recommended book of NAMI (The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill).

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The Sleep of Apples

The Sleep of Apples is the story of nine, closely-linked characters who confront crises related to mental illness, mortality, and gender identity.

In Many Waters

In Many Waters is the gripping story of three orphans whose lives intersect on the island of Malta during our current, urgent refugee crisis. For the first time since the Second World War, the number of refugees worldwide has surged past 60 million, according to the United Nations.

The White Space Between

Winner of the Canadian Jewish Book Award for Fiction. A family’s story of the Holocaust lies buried in the soil of a graveyard in Prague, in the old neighborhoods of Montreal, and in the memory of Jana—a woman finally asked to bear witness.


In her masterful new collection, The Sleep of Apples, Ami Sands Brodoff writes with passion and consummate skill about nine closely-linked characters who walk the tightrope of survival. Set in a gritty Montreal neighborhood that’s been slowly gentrifying over the last two decades, troubled teenagers and an experienced psychiatrist, a truck driver permanently scarred by a near-fatal accident and a recreation therapist, struggle to build a community and make their lives—and their deaths—meaningful.

Fierce, original, and bracingly honest, these unforgettable stories speak to the author’s Jewish heritage, her experience as a cancer survivor, and loving mother to a gay son and a transgender son. The stories dramatize that families are what we create, not necessarily those we are born into, how we all live imperfect lives: We love what we have and mourn what we’ve lost.

Readers are witnesses, as these indelible characters gain strength, insight, and empathy through their struggles and suffering. They each bear the scars of trauma, but possess the gift of resilience.


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